Yes4Youth Programme: Applications, Stipend and Qualifies

Few young people have the experience to enter the labor market, and therefore, when this help appears, it is easier to start a professional life at this stage of life. This is the proposal of the apprentice Yes4Youth Programme, who helps in the work experience.

By providing work experience, young people will gain self-confidence, life experience and practical work. This type of program equips young people with a toolkit to support their families, communities and families.

Yes4Youth Programme: Applications, Stipend and Qualifies
Yes4Youth Programme: Applications, Stipend and Qualifies (Image: Internet)

The availability of this work experience is very helpful and cordial for South Africa’s economic growth.

Step by step to join Yes4Youth Programme Learnership

YES offers 12 months of qualified work experience for unemployed young people. Unemployed youth must know some steps to improve. It starts with registration and ends with 12 months of professional experience.

So, after a year of completion, these young South Africans will receive a letter of recommendation to get the best job of their dreams.

And how to be part of the program? First, young people or candidates need to apply online. When applying, candidates must fill in personal information and a complete resume (CV). In fact, when looking for a job, the résumé is very important for all applicants. Most people make mistakes when making résumés because, most of the time, they publish information that has nothing to do with the company.

When making a résumé, you must show yourself to attract the readers’ attention. Your introduction should be short but to the point so that the recruiter will be interested in finding out more about you.

Also, you need to add related skills that recruiters might need to review. When you’re not applying for a job as a chef, it doesn’t make sense to write down your cooking skills. Don’t forget to write about education and three references that you can link to.

Second, the recruiter will start listing candidates. At this stage, candidates will be interviewed for the position. Third, the company will select the respondent. Only the best people have the opportunity to sign a contract.

Then the company will begin placement. There will also be a SIM induction. In fact, this is a process for new employees to adapt to new environments and new roles. Then, the employee will receive a smartphone with the app.

In this process, employees are required to complete a company profile and baseline survey. Then employees should start studying their modules to prepare for the given job.

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In addition, employees must complete the survey at the end of the entire planned journey. In the end, employees will successfully complete 12 months of work experience. They will receive a verified CV and letter of recommendation from Yes4Youth. They are very helpful in finding a career path that you will enjoy in the future.

Where to find more details on the Yes4Youth Program

Curious to know more about the Yes4Youth Programme? For more details and information, you can check the website with all the processes mentioned above and more details on how to participate.