Bell Equipment SA Apprenticeship Programmes

Anyone looking for their first job knows how difficult it is to have this opportunity to enter the job market even without experience. It was with this in mind that large companies started to join Apprentice Programs, and one of them is Bell Equipment.

A South African company, Bell Equipment is calling for suitable candidates to apply and qualify for its 2022 Multidisciplinary Apprentice programs.

Bell Equipment SA Apprenticeship Programmes
Bell Equipment SA Apprenticeship Programmes (Image: Internet)

This is a great way to start a professional career with the help of a large company, getting all the resources you need for the role.

So, when applying, make sure you meet the minimum eligibility requirements. And what would they be? See below how to apply and whether it fits the type of job you are looking for at this stage of life.

Meet Bell equipment SA

Headquartered in South Africa, Bell is a manufacturer, distributor and support provider of material handling equipment serving a broadly diverse selection of industries.

As a supplier of mining equipment, the company offers one of the largest collections of Articulated Dump Trucks, or ADTs. These ADTs are Bell Equipment’s flagship product and have earned the Company worldwide recognition for their continued product innovation and best-in-class product.

Bell Equipment SA is also a supplier of agricultural machinery, heavy construction equipment and forestry equipment. Today, the Company has more than 50,000 of its equipment serving more than 80 countries. Bell Equipment currently has more than 3,500 employees, 150 dealerships and offshore distribution points, nine support and marketing operations in addition to South Africa.

How to join Bell Equipment SA Apprenticeship Programs

To apply to Bell, eligible applicants will need to complete the online application form that matches the role and location being requested.

Also, be sure to submit certified copies of all qualifications achieved (school and college), including ID or driver/student license (where applicable).

And what is the application deadline? All applications must be open by January 7, 2022. That is, there is still time to participate in the Bell Equipment SA Apprenticeship Programs next year, and you can start 2022 with a job at a large company.

It pays to enroll in Bell Equipment SA Apprenticeship Programs

Well, starting a professional career in a big company is every young person’s dream, and that could be the big advantage of enrolling in Bell Equipment SA Apprenticeship Programs.

In addition, all candidates who are approved will have access to a salary compatible with the program, in addition to all other benefits equal to other employees.

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Thus, you young, will be able to gain the necessary experience, who knows how to look for other opportunities in the labor market, or else grow within the company, obtaining better positions with the passage of time after the conclusion.