AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme – Applications and Qualifies

Starting a professional life without experience is a great challenge for young people. But, it was with the idea of ​​helping this audience that large companies started to offer incentives for their first job, and one of them is the AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme.

Whether to help with studies or to be another complement to the family income, the AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme is an excellent way for young people to enter the job market, having a large company with the necessary support for professional growth.

AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme - Applications and Qualifies
AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme – Applications and Qualifies (Image: Internet)

And already looking forward to 2022, the AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme invites candidates to apply, obtaining a training experience of 3 years in service and learning in the field of Mechanical Tractors.

Who can apply to the AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme

The minimum requirement for this application is:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Communication skills
  • administrative skills
  • computer literacy

Subjects N2:

  • Math
  • engineering science
  • Diesel Commerce Theory
  • and any of the following
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Engineering / Technical Drawing
  • Automobile Trade Theory

If the applicant does not have the N2 qualification, the Matric Certificate will also be taken into account if the applicant has issues such as:

  • Mathematics (Non Literacy) (At least 40% / E-Symbol)
  • Technical Mathematics (Non Literacy) (At least 40% / E-Symbol)
  • Physical Science (at least 40% / E-Symbol)
  • Technical Science (at least 40% / E-Symbol)
  • Engineering and Design Graphics (at least 40% / E-Symbol)

Candidates who are not in possession of the above qualifications may take N2 requirement courses through AFGRI-sponsored Higher Education and Training as part of the programme.

Behavioral skills:

  • A highly motivated individual
  • Attention to the details
  • Team player
  • Goal oriented
  • Term oriented

How to participate in the AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme

Participating in the AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme is easy and you can apply today. Just access the program’s official website, register and wait for the company’s contact for the next steps.

Remembering that it is important to check if you fit the above specifications to participate in the selection process.

What are the advantages of the AFGRI Apprenticeship Program

The great advantage of the AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme is being able to start a professional career within a company with all the necessary support for its employees.

In addition, as the programme includes a 3-year contract, after completing the service, the candidate can be hired in a better area than he entered if the company really offered what it expected of you.

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Furthermore, as the AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme offers qualified programs and training, the candidate can look for other opportunities, which will ensure a successful career in the field.

So, our tip is that, before enrolling in the AFGRI Apprenticeship Programme, check all the benefits and if the position offered fits the type of job you are looking for in this beginning of your career. If everything is OK, register and good luck!