ABSA Credit Card – benefits, rewards and rates

The Absa credit card is designed for professionals, business people and students who have a stable source of income.

The ABSA credit card allows account holders to receive up to 57 days of interest-free days at the time of purchase, excluding withdrawals, online gaming and transfer transactions, and purchases on fuel plan and budget.

ABSA Credit Card - benefits, rewards and rates
ABSA Credit Card – benefits, rewards and rates (Image: Internet)

Absa has adjusted its student credit card. Now the student only needs to pay the $800.00 of monthly income needed to get the credit. The requirements are not high, but students need to prove they earned this amount.

Types of ABSA Credit Card

Absa has two cards for daily use, a Flexi Core Card and a Gold Credit Card.

The main Flex Credit card is suitable for first time logins. Flexi Core credit cards are easy to manage, so they’re designed for people who don’t have a credit score. It is much easier to build a credit score with this card.

The Flexi Core credit card is simple and has the modern features you would expect from a credit card, such as using the app for online transactions and purchases. The gold credit card standard is somewhat flexible because there is nothing complicated, no private bank and no financial advice.

The Gold credit card is a typical top-tier credit card, with limited services, but in some ways it’s better than other top-tier cards from other banks.

Benefits of the Flexi Core and Gold Credit Card

Among the benefits of ABSA Credit Card, the following stand out:

  • Interest-free for up to 57 days;
  • No transaction fees for purchases;
  • Free lost card protection;
  • Basic automatic travel insurance;
  • Enter the airport lounge at a discount;
  • 5 million rand in basic automatic insurance;
  • Discount on fuel and grocery partners;

Who can apply for the ABSA Credit Card?

To apply for the ABSA Credit Card, it is necessary to fit in some aspects, such as:

  • Monthly income from $2000.00 to $4000.00 for a Flexi core credit card
  • Monthly income from $4000.00 to $25,000.00 for a gold credit card
  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Proof of income required in the last three months
  • Proof of residence required
  • Must have a valid South African ID book or smart card

What are the advantages of Absa Bank Flexi Core and Gold Credit card

Compared to any credit card offered by the top five non-student banks, the minimum income requirement for the Flexi Core card is the lowest in South Africa.

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Compared to the FNB Gold credit card and the Nedbank credit card, the Gold credit card has better minimum income requirements. The Nedbank gold credit card requires a minimum of $5000 and a minimum FNB of $7000 for credit, while the minimum requirement for the Absa Bank Gold credit card is $4000.00.