Capitec Credit Card

Have a lower income and are looking for an affordable credit card? The tip is Capitec Credit Card, a service offered to those who have a lower income, but want access to a card for purchases in physical stores and online.

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Today it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t have a credit card. However, some banks end up not providing this service for people with lower incomes and require some bureaucratic processes, which makes access difficult.

Capitec Credit Card
Capitec Credit Card (Image: Internet)

It was thinking about this audience that wants to buy, which was launched from Capitec Credit Card, available to people over 18 years old and with an income of $36,000.00 or more per year

With a monthly service fee of R40.00 and an interest rate between 7.00% to 17.50% per year, has several benefits and can be applied for simply.

What are the benefits?

To help you choose a Capitec Credit Card, we have listed some benefits of this credit card:

  • Credit limit of up to R$ 250,000.00;
  • Access the invoice through the app installed on the cell phone or tablet;
  • Interest rate from 7.00%
  • Best conversion rate for purchases abroad;
  • Up to 55 days for invoice payment;
  • Additional cards;
  • Basic travel insurance;
  • Optional credit insurance and other benefits.

Who can apply for Capitec Credit Card?

Now that you know the benefits of Capitec Credit Card, you may be wondering: can I have access to it? Below are some requirements:

  • Be over 18 years old and have a South African identity;
  • Prove income through the last paycheck or bank statement of salary earnings in the last 3 months.

Why choose Capitec Credit Card?

With so many options in the credit card market, it’s hard to understand why Capitec Credit Card is a good choice.

Well, the first one is that interest rates are much lower than traditional cards.

In addition, it is made available to people with low incomes, which facilitates faster approval.

What are the disadvantages of Capitec Credit Card?

The disadvantage of this type of card is that it has no loyalty or bonus points when you use the card to buy your travel tickets, hotel reservations, car rental, etc.

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In other words, it is not a great choice for those who like to travel. But, as it is intended for low-income customers, the bank understands that people want a card for day-to-day use, for family purchases, etc., so it doesn’t make much sense to give advantages to other non-essential services.

How to apply for Capitec Credit Card

If you are interested in this credit card, to apply for the Capitec Credit Card is quite easy. Just access the website (, register and wait for approval.