Credit Card for Bad Credit and no annuity

Those who have a credit card know how bad it is to pay fees, especially when it involves annuity. It was with this in mind that banks started to introduce credit cards without annual fees, available even to people with bad credit scores. Learn About Credit Card For Bad Credit.

The card annual fee is a fee that banks charge each time the customer uses or does not use the service. It would be to maintain the use of the service and the value varies according to the type of card chosen.

Credit Card for Bad Credit and no annuity
Credit Card for Bad Credit and no annuity (Image: Internet)

However, as this fee does not generate any return to customers, many people ended up asking for the refund of the amount and it was with this in mind that many banks started offering a credit card without annuity.

Types of no-annual credit card for bad credit

We have separated a list of credit cards without annual fees with easy approval:

– QuicksilverOne by Capital One

In this type of Capital One Credit Card, an Credit Card for Bad Credit, the customer has access to Unlimited 1.5% Cash Back cashback on every purchase. In addition, it offers:

  • Automatic credit line assessments: quick approval for purchases and credit limit increase within 6 months;
  • CreditWise: scores above those offered in the credit card market, in an exclusive tool, free of charge;
  • Fraud coverage: protection against card theft and cloning, through a system that identifies the large one and replaces the damage caused by scammers to the customer;
  • Payment via approximation: payment via the NFC system, which allows the payment of purchases only by approximating the Capital One Credit Card in the machine.

– HSBC Rewards Credit Card Fees

The other differential of this type of card is the HSBC Rewards Credit Card rates. It charges 0% fees on credit card purchases within the first 12 months of account opening and 0% introductory APR on balance transfers within the first 12 months of account opening, to be followed by the default credit card APR. 13.99% – 23.99% variable.

In addition to what we mentioned above, see below some more HSBC Rewards Credit Card benefits:

  • 5% cashback every time the HSBC Rewards Credit Card is used;
  • No transaction fees during overseas financial transactions;
  • Free ShopRunner membership included
  • Protection for your cell phone.

– Nedbank Credit Card

Nedbank credit cards are used frequently and are designed to provide convenience for fixed income workers and self-employed individuals.

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Capitec Credit Card

To qualify for a Nedbank credit card, you must be at least 18 years old, have a good credit score, be employed, and earn at least $60,000.00 or more per year.

The monthly card service charge starts at R69.00 and the annual interest rate is 19.65%.

Let’s take a look at the features for Nedbank’s Gold and Platinum Credit Card:

  • Use in international ATMs;
  • Free SMS during transactions;
  • Zero transaction fee;
  • 55-day grace period;
  • Basic automatic travel insurance when purchasing tickets;
  • Service fee does not exceed $69.00 depending on your credit score.

So which of these no-annual credit cards did you like best and fit your profile for everyday needs?