Credit card for Bad Credit to build credit

Have bad credit? Here are the top offers designed to help you improve your score and rebuild your credit. Credit Card for Bad Credit with Easiest Approve.

Most of these options have minimum requirements for qualifying or guarantee cards (initial deposit required), making them available to almost anyone.

Credit card for Bad Credit to build credit
Credit card for Bad Credit to build credit (Image: Internet)

By paying on time and using one of the cards to keep your balance low and specially designed features (like regular credit reports, access to your score, consideration of restrictions), you can boost your bad credit score (in the range of 300-579).

Types of credit card for Bad Credit to build credit

Below are 3 credit card options for people with bad credit data but guaranteed approval:

– Platinum Mastercard® from Capital One – Credit card for Bad Credit to build credit

  • With an annual fee cheaper than the competition, this Capital One Credit Card has fast approval and great score when it comes to shopping.
  • But, what more does it offer to its customers? See below:
  • Automatic credit line assessments: you can increase your limit in just 6 months;
  • CreditWise: Unlimited access to credit scores and tools to help you monitor your credit profile with Capital One’s CreditWise, all for free;
  • Fraud Coverage: Capital One Credit Card provides fraud coverage should your card be stolen or cloned;
  • Payment by approximation: just bring the card closer to the credit machine and the purchase will be approved, without entering the password, which facilitates the process and provides greater security.

– QuicksilverOne by Capital One – Credit card for Bad Credit to build credit

In this type of Capital One Credit Card, the customer has access to Unlimited 1.5% Cash Back cashback on every purchase. In addition, it offers:

  • Automatic credit line assessments: quick approval for purchases and credit limit increase within 6 months;
  • CreditWise: scores above those offered in the credit card market, in an exclusive tool, free of charge;
  • Fraud coverage: protection against card theft and cloning, through a system that identifies the large one and replaces the damage caused by scammers to the customer;

Capitec Bank Credit Card – Credit card for Bad Credit to build credit

Capitec bank credit card is a service offered by Capitec Bank, the fastest growing bank in South Africa, with more than 13 million customers as of November 2019.

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Credit Card for Bad Credit no deposit instant approval

On average, Capitec Bank accepts 14,000 new credit card accounts per month. Considering the current economic environment, this is a very high acceptance rate. Below are some of the benefits of Capitec bank credit cards:

  • Maximum credit limit of $250,000.00;
  • Personalized credit based on score and history;
  • Interest rate of 7.00%
  • No need to pay currency conversion fees when using a credit card to make purchases abroad
  • Pay the purchase cost within 55 days;
  • Free basic travel insurance;
  • Optional credit insurance.

Did you choose which of the above options best suits your customer profile? Remember to always opt for a card that covers your daily needs, always taking into account the benefits offered, annuities, advantages, etc.