5 meal prep tips for the week ahead

Cooking is an art and, like all art, it requires a certain amount of talent. Even so, any woman can learn to work wonders in the kitchen with meal prep tips. The ideal, in fact, is that you don’t repeat the menu too often, so that your family doesn’t get sick of a certain dish.

The tip is to prepare a weekly menu and, in this way, save time and allow a special dedication to food preparation.

5 meal prep tips for the week ahead
5 meal prep tips for the week ahead (Image: Internet)

5 meal prep tips for the week ahead

To help you, we’ve separated 5 meal prep tips for the week ahead that will help you stick to your diet or a balanced diet, opting for lighter, homemade food.

  • 1 – Know the basics

Of course, sometimes it takes a little creativity to innovate on the menu. Still, knowing the basics is already a big help, and it helps a lot in the kitchen. Simple and easy to make, traditional dishes can save a lot of time in your daily life. If we only consider rice and beans, the side dishes are almost infinite. Learn to do the basics before worrying about the rest.

  • 2 – Specialization

Learn some dishes that are used as a “joker” in everyday life. Specialize in them and train hard until they become very special. That way, you’ll have more options when your creativity is off.

  • 3 – Consider the family’s tastes

So you don’t have to cook thousands of different dishes in one meal, taking into account the tastes of the people you live with. It’s easier to invest in recipes that everyone loves than it is to try to meet everyone’s needs individually. For example, if someone doesn’t eat fish or doesn’t like pasta, avoid these foods when putting together a week’s menu.

  • 4 – Learn to change without changing the ingredients too much

It is important to be original, and for that, it is necessary to learn to cook the same food in several different ways. Potatoes are a good example because they are so versatile: you can fry them, bake them, steam them, mash them, mayonnaise, salads, and of course, many other ways. Try doing the same with the other ingredients.

  • 5 – Look at what you have in your closet

Before starting the week, make a list of the ingredients you have at home. For example, on a Sunday night, take a few minutes to complete this task so you know what to wear and what to buy. This avoids rushing to the market at the last minute, often incurring unnecessary charges.

With this list in hand, sit back and try to imagine what kind of dishes can be prepared with these items. Remember, write it down on a piece of paper. Finally, take a look at your list of dishes and organize them on different days of the week, being careful not to prepare the same ingredients for days in a row to avoid getting sick.

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So, what do you think about following these 5 meal prep tips for the week ahead. Share with us what you liked best and if any worked!