How to learn to play piano on mobile with free app

Learning to play musical instruments on your own, using tools like play piano on mobile with free app, is a very pleasant hobby to develop at home!

Currently, there are numerous applications for smartphones and tablets, with Android or iOS systems, that allow those who have some or no familiarity with the instrument to learn piano.

How to learn to play piano on mobile with free app
How to learn to play piano on mobile with free app (Image: Internet)

Some of these software even simulate the instrument keys on the cell phone or tablet screen, so you don’t need to have a physical piano at home.

Another positive point of using these apps is that you can learn at home for very little money. After all, some of these applications are free or have affordable value.

3 free app to play piano on mobile

So how about using these tools to start studying this fascinating instrument and play piano on mobile? Here’s a list of 3 of the best piano apps to learn at home on your phone or tablet:


It is one of the favorite applications of the moment, especially among those who are not very familiar with the instrument. Perfect Piano lets you simulate piano keys on your smartphone or tablet screen, with 88 keys available.

The app also includes features such as the use of bass keys on the piano, in Dual-Row mode, as well as making it possible to play popular songs, make recordings and learn from many people around the world. The application is available for Android and iOS devices.


Elected one of the best apps in the Google Play Awards 2019 ranking, this piano app allows you to develop your knowledge with the instrument in a guided way.

Just connect your smartphone or tablet with the app to your piano and start practicing. If you don’t have the instrument at home, you can practice using the app’s touch screen piano.

With the app, you can learn to play popular songs like Imagine (John Lennon), Chandelier (Sia) and Counting Stars (OneRepublic), among others. The app teaches everything from basic principles, how to use each finger for each piano key and recognize sheet music, to how to use both hands.

Free users are entitled to two courses and can upgrade to the premium version at any time, giving them access to more songs from the 23 courses in the package. New courses and songs are added to the app monthly. The application is available for Android and iOS devices.


Only available to Android device users, this home piano learning app has a giant library of playable songs. Furthermore, it allows the user to create their own style of playing the piano, according to the chosen speed and rhythm.

It also allows adjusting the size of the keys according to the user’s needs, in addition to having 12 different types of keys and 128 types of sounds of different instruments that can be used.