Free dance app to not stand still

Today, there are already several free dance apps for download for Android and iOS (iPhone) operating systems, making learning easier and allowing you to exercise at home, without the need to join a gym. That way, you can use a free dance app alone or with a partner.

Another point that is important to highlight is that these apps have a dance collection with several options, as well as choreographies of well-known songs today.

Free dance app to not stand still
Free dance app to not stand still (Image: Internet)

Nowadays, it is even possible to find specific apps for a type of dance, such as rock, salsa, ballroom dancing, among others.

Free dance app to not stand still

To help you get started with your classes, we’ve listed some of the most popular free dance apps and their features:

Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now aims to observe the dancer on screen and repeat the movements as if facing a mirror.

The platform can be accessed quite simply and only needs 2 devices. In this case, both devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

So you can view the choreography on one device while the other captures your dance. The app is very popular among users and has a collection of more than 400 songs available.

Salsa Anywhere

Despite being focused on the salsa rhythm, the app is suitable for people who want to learn to dance in pairs. The app can be used for free and has a collection of 50 songs.

However, if you want access to more features, the app has a paid option, which provides access to a collection of 300 additional dance steps.

Ballet Lite

If you want to learn to dance ballet, Ballet Lite is the right application, as it has a huge amount of ballet steps for the user to learn.

With a very simple interface, it allows the user to choose the step they want to learn from a list available in the left corner of the screen.

Dance Fit Studio Lite

Dance Workout is a free dance application that provides free videos where you teach step-by-step choreography. In this way, the app has a very diverse collection and repertoire.

In this app, the user can use the app to access videos of recorded dance lessons.

Dance Workout

With a repertoire that includes salsa, aerobics, bollywood, cheerleading and street dance, the purpose of the app is to keep users in shape, since the songs available are quite moving.

The video lessons last about 30 minutes and each one has a professional teacher who teaches the dance steps.

According to experts, dancing is one of the best physical exercises to do, in addition to bringing pleasure and numerous benefits. Choose your preferred rhythm, download the app and start moving!