G4S South Africa Vacancies

G4S South Africa Vacancies is the world’s leading international security solutions group focused on business process outsourcing in industries where security and security risks are considered strategic threats. This company is the largest employer listed on the London Stock Exchange and has a secondary listing on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. G4S operates in more than 125 countries and employs 657,000 people.

It operates in over 25 countries in Africa and employs over 105,000 people across the continent. At G4S South Africa, our vision is to be recognized as a leading provider of security solutions.

G4S South Africa Vacancies
G4S South Africa Vacancies (Image: Internet)

The company’s objective is to build and maintain a motivated and capable workforce, proud to work for our region and capable of delivering on our business strategy. The company’s objective is to fully engage our workforce based on the best people management practices implemented throughout the Group.

Meet at G4S South Africa Vacancies

As the global demand for security increases, the company hires 150,000 new security professionals each year. As a security officer professionally trained by G4S, you can be part of a security team that protects construction sites, courts, stores, warehouses, banks and factories, as well as facilities such as ports and airports.

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You will conduct foot or vehicle patrols, control access to entry points, protect equipment and personnel, respond to emergencies, monitor CCTV, conduct surveillance, and help identify and prevent criminal activity. Site supervisors and operations managers also play a key role.

  • Vacancies at G4S
  • Discover the job openings now open in March for G4S:
  • Tactical Support Officer – G4S Soluções de Caixa
  • Key Account Manager – G4S Cash Solutions
  • Call Center Consultants – G4S Cash Solutions
  • Risk Investigator – G4S Cash Solutions
  • ATM Custodian, Mafikeng – G4S Cash Solutions
  • Safe Controller – G4S Cash Solutions
  • Training Director, Secure Solutions – G4S Soluções de Caixa
  • Cash Center Supervisor – G4S Cash Solutions
  • Settlement Manager – G4S Deposita
  • Financial Accountant – G4S Deposits
  • Accountant – G4S Secure Solutions
  • Business Development Manager – G4S Secure Solutions
  • Sales Executive – G4S Cash Solutions
  • Sales Industry Specialist – G4S Secure Solutions
  • ATM Custodian – G4S Cash Solutionsse
  • Tactical Support Unit – G4S Cash Solutions
  • CIT Driver – G4S Cash Solutions
  • Driver, Cash In Transit – G4S Cash Solutions
  • CIT Crew – G4S Cash Solutions
  • Vault Officer – G4S Cash Solutions
  • Contract Manager – G4S Secure Solutions

How to apply for one of the job openings?

To apply for one of the G4S vacancies, it’s quite easy! Just access the company’s official website, search for open opportunities and send your resume. Remembering that it is important to inform all the details correctly to avoid being discarded during the selection process.