Cleaning & Housekeeping Jobs Available in South Africa

A janitor is a type of mechanical or domestic worker who cleans homes or businesses for a fee. The cleaner may have some experience cleaning specific items or spots, such as window cleaners.

Cleaners should also be aware of hazardous materials or safety or perform exercises. Although they are not security professionals, legitimate advertising can help ensure a safe work environment.

Cleaning & Housekeeping Jobs Available in South Africa
Cleaning & Housekeeping Jobs Available in South Africa (Image: Internet)

Cleaners should not try to move anything that is too unsafe; all things considered, they should report hazardous materials to their manager or other designated position. Cleaners must be diligent, considerate and invite different workers in the organization.

Cleaning Vacancies

Job openings appear on the jobSearch South Africa job site. There are many exciting job opportunities for those who want to meet these requirements.

  • Executive Housekeeper – Lodge Group

Store group located in Kruger National Park is looking for an executive butler. An executive butler is responsible for exceptional in-store cleaning and laundry services and produces consistently high quality, courteous, professional, efficient and flexible products in accordance with company policies and procedures, promoting guest satisfaction.

  • Tank Cleaner – AkzoNobel

Make sure all expansion slots are clean to prevent color and microcontamination during ink batch manufacturing.

  • Housekeeper – Private Game Reservation

A private wildlife sanctuary is looking for housekeepers to join their team. Successful applicants must keep all rooms, common areas and hallways clean and tidy.

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How to be successful when hiring?

We have separated 5 tips that will help you in the selection process and succeed in hiring for the new job

1 – Learn to talk about your flaws

Recruiters expect an honest answer that demonstrates that candidates know each other well, what their weaknesses (or areas for improvement) are, and what specific steps they are taking to overcome this hurdle.

2 – Be honest

Another point to be considered is the importance of honesty in the selection process. When you’re face-to-face with recruiters, try to look them in the eye, stay calm, and speak clearly when asked.

3 – Speaking and writing are essential

Speaking and writing will also need to be trained in preparation for the selection process. This makes a good impression and shows that the candidate knows how to express himself.

4 – Avoid slang and language addictions

Mastering Portuguese is very important for any selection process, so it is important to avoid slang, abuse of language and profanity. Remember, you are entering a professional environment.

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5 – Has good team performance

If you’re involved in team dynamics, remember that recruiters are considering your ability to work as a team. Participate in tasks and express your ideas with respect and confidence.