Credit Card for Bad Credit – Simple approval and free application

The Credit Card for Bad Credit was created to provide purchase support for those who have financial problems with banking institutions, but still have great purchasing potential. And the good news is that this type of card offers fast approval, with a free annual fee, which makes it very easy to use on a daily basis.

However, not all banks offer these Credit Card for Bad Credit options. Do you want to know where to find and how to order today? Below are more details on the subject.

Credit Card for Bad Credit - Simple approval and free application
Credit Card for Bad Credit – Simple approval and free application (Image: Internet)

Types of Credit Card for Bad Credit

We separate 3 financial institutions that offer Credit Card for Bad Credit with simple approval and free annual fee:

  • Plastk Credit Card

Plastk Secured Credit Card is Canada’s first and only secure credit card with Premium Rewards and Credit Insights. Among the benefits offered are:

Money back: Use your points to pay the balance. Where 250 points = $1, no minimum requirement. Just transfer your points easily through the app!

Discount shopping: Use your points to buy from thousands of brands from Apple, Sony, LG, Coach and more.

Tourism: Use points to book flights within Canada or anywhere in the world.

Exclusive event: Special events for Plastk cardholders at local businesses such as restaurants, theaters, concerts, etc. Gift Card Turn your points into gift cards for major retailers like Amazon, Tim Hortons, Nike and more!

Additionally, customers can use this card to:

  • Interest rate: 17.99%;
  • Sign-up bonus: 0% APR + 5,000 bonus points for 3 months;
  • Annual fee: $48 25-day interest-free grace period for purchases 3-day grace period for cash advances;
  • Referral program to earn more Responsibility points
  • Zero Fraud;
  • Pay balances instantly via Transfer and Interac $6 monthly maintenance fee

More details, visit

  • Refresh Credit Card

Build your credit quickly and safely with the Guaranteed Financial Refresh Card. But how does the warranty card work?

  • Set up your deposit where you will determine the amount of credit available on your secure card for everyday purchases.
  • Make daily purchases and use your secure card like a regular credit card.
  • Pay bills or shop in person or online. For the best credit, keep your safe card balance below 30% of your total credit limit.
  • Pay off the balance to build a credit history.
  • Pay your guaranteed card balance monthly.
  • Pay on time to build a positive payment history and pay in full to avoid interest charges.
  • Payments made against your outstanding balance are reported to Equifax and TransUnion, who can help you build your credit history.

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Credit Card for Bad Credit – No annual fees and usage fees

To learn more details and order this product, go to

  • Home Trust Credit Card

Home Trust has the best Visa credit card options in Canada. These Visa credit cards offer many valuable benefits and features. Browse the following Canada Family Trust Visa Canada credit card accounts:

  • Home Trust Preferred Visa Credit Card
  • No annuity;
  • No exchange fee 1% discount on visa incentives;
  • Visa Zero Liability;
  • Home Trust Equityline Visa® Credit Card
  • Rates well below market;
  • No annuity;
  • No exchange fee;
  • Family Trust Guaranteed Visa Credit Card Low Interest Option;
  • The best way to build credit;
  • No annual fee option All the features of a credit card

For more details about fees and to apply for one of these Credit Card for Bad Credit, go to