Mr. Price See how to apply for the job

The system has identified that you meet the requirements to apply for a job at Mr. Price.

Mr. Price – Attractive salary of up to R 13,600 per month.

Mr. Price was founded in 1985, since then it has evolved a lot, so much so that it currently has almost 3,000 stores spread across the planet. The Apparel, Utilities, Household and Financial Services and Telecommunications segments are its flagships. Faced with so many options and aware of its responsibility to provide a good service, the company usually opens job openings at Mr. Price.

By working with some of the largest segments of the market, Mr Price job offers turn out to be a good opportunity for candidates who want to join a company that offers good benefits, attractive salary, harmonious work environment and high-level structural conditions. It is important to note that the group opens job offers for people with no experience, and it is quite simple to apply to work at Mr Price.

  • ✅ Meal Ticket
  • ✅ Transport Ticket
  • ✅ Health Insurance
  • ✅ Flexible Schedule
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