Mobile Cleaner App – How to download the app

Do you know when the cell phone starts to crash or has reduced functionality? Well, before you go out there spending money on a new device, you can solve the problem by installing an application to clean your cell phone.

This type of application has the function of freeing up device memory and optimizing its performance, making it faster and with a high memory capacity to store new data.

Several apps to clean your cell phone can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple Store platform, depending on the device you have. Were you curious to know which ones have this function to guarantee the quality of your cell phone back? See below!

Types of Mobile Cleaner Apps

Now it’s time to discover the best mobile cleaning app that you can download on your device today and start feeling the benefits:

Google Files

Google Files is our first recommendation for anyone looking for a phone cleaner app. It’s completely free and has a complete and intuitive interface that’s easy to use. Once this tool is properly installed on your smartphone, it will clean your phone, quickly select files and even allow you to share them offline.

Since it’s an app developed by Google, it’s one of the best in this regard, and you’ll have extremely easy management. It’s also worth noting that it also lets you back up your files to the cloud, so you don’t have to delete them.


This application, developed by Piriform, is a practical and easy-to-use alternative. With it, you can monitor your device’s memory performance to see how much free space is available.

To start using it, you must install it on your phone and tap “Start Here” to access it. Then just grant all the requested permissions as it needs to access all the media files on the device.

Norton Clean

Norton Clean is designed to remove the clutter from your Android device, be it mobile or tablet. This happens by eliminating unnecessary files that take up a lot of memory.

The main functions of the mobile cleaner app include: cleaning system cache, optimizing memory space, managing apps, removing bloatware, identifying and removing junk as residual files. For this mobile cleaning app, you must also grant access to the device’s media, otherwise it will not work properly.

Droid Optimizer

This is a great option for anyone who wants a free, ad-free app. Droid Optimizer takes care of your device by increasing its performance by freeing up memory with a single click.

In the app, users can also find a goodnight tool that can disable various features for a customizable amount of time, which can significantly improve battery life.

Mobile Cleaner App – How to download the app


É um aplicativo de limpeza de telefone versátil que também atua como antivírus, limpador de lixo e carregamento rápido. Até o momento, mais de 80 milhões de pessoas confiaram em sua funcionalidade.

This can be an interesting option for those who prefer to play on their device, as the app has the “Game Accelerator” option. With this option, RAM is freed as system performance increases.

How to download mobile cleaning app

Well, regardless of the choice of mobile cleaning application, it is downloaded almost equally. That is, access the Play Store or Google Play, search for one of the names above, click install and after the download is complete, open the app and follow the procedures for running the program.