Best apps to learn a language

Would you like to know what is the best apps to learn a language? So you are in the right place.

We know that there are a variety of applications to help us in our lives. Apps that teach us about diet, guiding, winning over a person, among others.

Nowadays, learning a new language is the goal of many people, especially because it becomes a project that will add a lot to an individual’s life.

Whether you’re learning for work, travel, or just for fun, it’s important to find the right tools to help you.

However, choosing the right one can seem quite tiring, especially with so many apps and features to choose from.

I was tasked with conducting research to help you choose between the best apps for learning a language.

But what are the best apps for learning a language?

The apps to learn a language can help us master key skills to achieve fluency.

The tools are diverse, they focus on stacking language construction, such as grammar and vocabulary.

Among the apps to learn a english you will have access to reading, listening or audiovisual material in the language you want to learn.

To take your new speaking skills to the next level, some of these tools also connect you with virtual tutors for speaking lessons and interactive lessons.

You may need to use a few different tools to improve your language skills in key skills.

With this perspective in mind, we have separated the 8 app to learn to speak English so you can choose the best one that fits your learning.

1- Busuu

Busuu is among the app to learn to speak any language, being an excellent language learning app, offering exclusive features and tools designed to help users achieve their foreign language learning goals.

The app provides access to 14 languages, so you will have many languages to learn using this app.

Busuu being one of the free apps is that it offers a personalized study plan tool that helps students define and maintain their learning objectives.

When you sign up, it will help determine how advanced you are in your chosen language and then set goals for you based on your needs.

In the learning process, Busuu highlights the development of listening and speaking skills through a voice recognition feature and offers helpful reminders throughout the process.

Busuu stands out among the best apps to learn a language.

2- Mondly

Mondly is undoubtedly among the apps to learn a english and spanish, it works with daily lesson plans and short classes organized by topic.

The application will help you get started by making you memorize keywords immediately. For this reason, it is an excellent option for beginners.

The Mondly app has a tool that offers native speaker audio, voice recognition for conversation practice, dictionary, verb conjugation tool, and more.

But your best feature is focusing on super useful phrases that will get you talking right away.

While this makes Mondly a great tool for people just starting out, there is also material for intermediate and advanced students.

The Mondly app offers 33 language options. Due to this fact, it ranks as one of the apps to learn a language.

3- Memrise

Memrise is among the best apps to learn a language. For those people who prefer a more visual and interactive language teaching approach, Memrise can be an excellent option.

This app uses brief clips from native speakers and written translations to help students master tone, pronunciation, and cadence.

Memrise, being one of the apps, offers classes in 23 languages and shows how locals talk.

It is worth mentioning that for this reason it can be a great option if you are about to travel abroad or move to another country.

It works with goals, sets a daily points goal to keep you motivated and engaged in your language learning journey. 

This is an important help when dealing with all of life’s other distractions.

4- FluentU

FluentU is among the best apps to learn a language and allows you to learn by watching authentic videos, something you are probably already doing.

The way the app works is unique, you choose a language and a level and then receive a diversity of videos in that language, videos produced by native speakers.

Choose a video that piques your interest and watch the video with dynamic subtitles that you can select to reveal word definitions, word types, other grammatical information, and links to other videos in which the selected word or phrase appears.

FluentU also provides different quizzes after each video so you can test your knowledge. You can also add words to customizable sets of flashcards so you never forget the word again.

As you can see, FluentU fits perfectly as one of the free apps to learn a language.

5- Drops

Drops is among the best language learning apps to learn a language that adopts a distinct strategy for language teaching.

It offers bite-sized, daily tutorials using images, making it perfect for visual learners.

It shows its users every word in the language you are trying to memorize and in your own language, along with a picture of it. 

This is excellent for learning very basic words and improving your vocabulary repertoire.

The app’s focus on vocabulary rather than grammar or cultural norms sets it apart from other language learning apps.

 It becomes one of the best apps.

6- Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the languages app. Teaches a language by immersing you completely. He teaches by showing the word as an image.

This approach is very reflective of when you learned your first language as a child.

Rosetta Stone also has good speech recognition technology, so you can improve your dialect along the way.

The Rosetta Stone app offers 24 language options.

7- Pimsleur

Pimsleur is among the best apps to learn a language and consists of very quick audio classes based on spoken dialogues.

This way, you get into the vocabulary and grammar in an explicit and traditional way.

Therefore, this program is suitable for those who do not like immersion programs and want the basics to be explained in Spanish.

A great quality of Pimsleur is that, as they are all audio classes, you can listen in any environment, such as in the car, with headphones or while doing household chores.

And each lesson contains speaking instructions to help develop your basic speaking skills.

Pimsleur is available in 51 languages with varying levels and quantities of material. And it is perfectly one of the best apps to learn english.

8- Lingopy

Lingopy is one of the best apps to learn. It is a video-based language learning app from movies and shows.

This is great if you want to hear how a native speaks the language. It is worth noting that it provides authentic listening practice. 

The app also offers subtitles, as well as flashcards for vocabulary practice.

These were some of the best apps to learn a language that we have selected for you. 

Do your analysis and choose your best. We wish you good studies and hope that you develop our new ability to speak another language. It even predicts!

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