Application to measure distance

With the constant advancement of technology and the omnipresence of smartphones in our lives, a wide range of applications have been developed to meet the needs of users in different areas, such as the application to measure distance.

One such ever-expanding field is distance measuring applications . 

The distance measuring app is a revolutionary form of measurement that offers a quick, practical and accurate way to determine distances between objects, places or geographical points, replacing old manual measurement techniques.

Find out the benefits of distance measuring apps 

Distance measuring apps go beyond being a mere technological curiosity, becoming valuable resources for a variety of sectors and activities, including engineering, architecture, construction, cartography, sports, navigation, tourism and even for everyday use by individuals. 

By leveraging the capabilities of smartphone sensors such as GPS, camera, and accelerometers, these apps can provide highly accurate measurements in different contexts.

In this article on distance measuring apps , we will examine how these innovative solutions work, highlighting the underlying technologies that drive their effectiveness. 

Furthermore, we will explore the main practical applications of the distance measuring application in different fields, recognizing its relevance for technological progress and the simplification of daily tasks. 

However, it is also important to consider the challenges and limitations associated with these applications, as well as the privacy and security issues that may arise with the use of geolocation technologies.

Discover 6 app options for measuring distance

The distance measuring app is a striking example of the power of mobile technology to improve people’s lives and the efficiency of various industries. 

These solutions, which continue to evolve rapidly, offer tangible benefits and have become essential tools in an increasingly connected and mobility-driven world. 

In this context, exploring the functioning and impact of these applications is fundamental to understanding how technology shapes our daily lives and opens up new possibilities for the future.

1- Distance Measurement Apps on Maps

These applications use GPS technology to measure distances between points on a map, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular apps for navigation and distance measurement. In addition to providing accurate directions between two points, it also allows you to measure distances on maps. 

Users can use the “measure distance” feature to plot a path between two points or mark multiple points on a map, and the distance measuring app will calculate the total distance traveled. This tool is useful for planning trips, calculating routes, and assessing distances between specific locations.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is the native distance measuring app for Apple devices. While it is not as comprehensive as Google Maps in terms of features, it also offers the option to measure distances. 

Users can plot a path or define points on the map to calculate the distance between them. This is a useful feature for getting distance estimates when planning trips or searching for the distance between points of interest.


Waze is primarily known as a social navigation app, providing real-time information about traffic, accidents, and other travel conditions. While Waze is more focused on providing real-time driving directions, it also offers features for measuring distances. 

Users can plot routes and view approximate distances between points on the map. However, the app may be more useful for taking measurements on ongoing trips than for planning distances between specific locations in advance.

2- Ground Distance Measurement Applications

Using your smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope, these apps measure distances as you walk or run, such as Runtastic and Nike Run Club.


Runtastic is a popular distance measuring app for tracking and measuring physical activity, especially focused on running and walking. 

It uses the smartphone’s GPS to track the distance users travel during their outdoor activities. 

In addition to measuring distance, the app also provides information on pace, time, calories burned and other exercise-related statistics. 

With an intuitive interface and additional features, Runtastic is a popular choice for running and general fitness enthusiasts.

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is another widely used running app developed by the famous sports brand Nike. 

Like Runtastic, Nike Run Club uses the device’s GPS to track distance and other metrics during users’ runs and walks. 

The distance measuring app has an attractive design and social features that allow runners to share their achievements with the Nike running community. 

Additionally, it offers personalized training plans to help users achieve their running goals.

3- GPS Distance Measurement Apps

These apps use your phone’s GPS to measure distances during outdoor activities like running, cycling, and walking. Examples include Strava and Endomondo.


Strava is a popular GPS distance measuring app designed primarily for fitness enthusiasts such as cycling and running. 

It uses the device’s GPS to track and record users’ routes, distances, speeds, elevations, and other exercise-related data. 

Additionally, Strava encourages social interaction by allowing users to share their activities, compete in segments, and challenge other community members. 

It is a comprehensive platform for tracking and sharing performance in sports activities.


Endomondo is another popular GPS distance measuring app that is suitable for a variety of fitness activities including running, cycling, walking, and more. 

Like Strava, it uses the device’s GPS to track users’ progress, providing detailed information on distance traveled, pace, time, and calories burned. 

The app also offers social interaction features, allowing users to connect with friends, share their achievements, and participate in challenges. It’s a complete option for tracking performance and improving fitness.

4- MeasureKit App

Some apps use your smartphone’s camera to measure distances using triangulation principles, such as MeasureKit for iOS. It allows users to measure objects and spaces using their device’s camera. 

With a variety of measuring tools, such as distance, angle, and height, the distance measuring app provides accurate measurements and is useful for both everyday and educational activities. Combining augmented reality technology, MeasureKit is a versatile tool for measuring tasks.

5- MagicPlan App

Used to measure distances indoors, this application helps plan layouts and furniture.

MagicPlan is a floor plan creation and space measurement app that uses augmented reality to create detailed floor plans of rooms. 

Simply point the camera at the corners of walls, and the distance measuring app automatically detects the dimensions and generates an accurate floor plan. 

It is widely used by professionals in the real estate and interior design industry, facilitating the process of measuring and creating projects. Floor plans can be customized and exported in various formats.

6- AR Ruler App

This distance measuring app combines your smartphone’s camera with augmented reality to measure distances to objects on the screen.

AR Ruler is an augmented reality app available for iOS devices. It allows users to take precise measurements of objects and spaces using the device’s camera and augmented reality technology. 

Simply point the device at the points you want to measure, and the distance measuring app will display the measurements in real time over the image captured by the camera. 

AR Ruler is useful for a variety of tasks, such as measuring dimensions of furniture, interior spaces, and objects, making it a practical tool for both everyday and professional use.