Best podcast apps for Iphone

Podcasts stand out as a more complete and popular way of consuming content and are ideal for different situations, such as the morning commute, a long run or even while cooking. These programs cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that there is something to pique anyone’s interest and admiration.

In the context of the iOS operating system, there are best podcast app for iphone dedicated to listening to podcasts, some of the best available in the Apple Store.

Best podcast apps for Iphone

These best podcast apps for iphone go beyond simple playback, offering advanced features to enhance the user experience. They make it possible to organize and sort playlists, giving listeners greater control over the content they consume. In addition, the ability to manage subscriptions makes it easy to keep up with favorite podcasts.

The aim of these best podcast app for iphone is to make the listening experience more efficient, ensuring that users don’t miss out on any interesting content. In this way, combining the diversity of topics covered in podcasts with the functionalities offered by apps for iOS contributes to a complete and personalized experience of consuming audio content.

1- Castro

The best podcast app for iphone Castro features an efficient system called “Inbox and Queue” to manage users’ relationships with different podcast programs. When subscribing to a podcast, new episodes are automatically displayed in the user’s feed, allowing them to examine the list and choose the episodes they want. These episodes are automatically downloaded and added to the user’s queue.

For podcasts that are accessed more sporadically, the best podcast app for iphone places them in the “Inbox”, allowing users to browse through them at convenient times.

In addition, the “sideshow” feature lets you add audio from the web to the queue with just two taps, making it easy to include content that isn’t part of podcast feeds.

Castro also offers advanced customization features, such as the ability to cut silences, enhance voices for listening in noisy environments, adjust playback speeds and set a custom start position. These functionalities aim to enhance the user experience by providing control and adaptability when consuming audio content.

2- Pocket Casts

The pocket casts app is a widely used app because this app has a wide variety of features that can be used in a simple way. This best podcast app for iphone has recommended more selected podcasts so that you can get to know new podcasts that suit your tastes and even get to know new podcasts to learn more about new subjects in the media today.

In addition, this best podcast app for iphone has provided very useful tools to make it easier for you to use while watching or listening to your favorite podcasts, such as the cuts during the podcast giving you the option to skip the parts you’re not interested in, increasing the playback speed of the podcast, making the conversation flow faster, speeding up the understanding of the subject, it gives you the option to see podcast episodes that you’ve started and haven’t finished yet.

This best podcast app for iphone has been very useful for those who like to follow podcasts, giving you various possibilities to tinker with your podcasts and follow them in a better way, making it much easier for you to follow your podcasts and carry out your day-to-day activities and enjoy your favorite podcasts at the same time.

3- Overcast

Overcast represents an alternative best podcast app for iphone exclusively for iOS users. Although there is a free version available, users may encounter ads during playback. The free version, however, offers exclusive features such as Smart Speed, which reduces periods of silence, 

and Voice Boost, which enhances the vocal quality in podcasts.

Listeners have the flexibility to adjust the playback speed to 1.25x, 1.5x and so on, up to 3x. In addition, there is the option to set a timer, which, when it expires, pauses playback and locks the device automatically. Support for Apple CarPlay and dark mode are notable additional features. The premium version of Overcast is available for US$ 10 per year.

4- Stitcher

Stitcher is a best podcast app for iphone and is accessible to Android and iOS users. During the registration process, listeners are asked to choose between various genres, such as Comedy, News, Business, Sports, among others.

After this selection, the Discover section opens, presenting new releases for users to choose the podcasts they want, which are then transferred to the My Podcasts section.

Stitcher’s podcast player offers several features. It allows listeners to enjoy a podcast, adjust the playback speed, set a timer and stream the audio to an external speaker. Surprisingly, all these features are available in the free version of the best podcast app for iphone.

 Naturally, users have access to the standard playback controls, including quick search and play/pause buttons. The best podcast app for iphone also offers dedicated dark mode and car mode options in the Settings menu.

5- Spotify

Although Spotify is widely recognized as one of the most popular apps for music, it is also an equally notable best podcast app for iphone.

Taking advantage of the growing popularity of podcasts, the streaming service produces several exclusive podcasts that are highly recommended.

The most outstanding feature, however, is the ease with which you can discover new and popular podcasts on Spotify, which stands out for its extensive collection.

The presence of big names such as Joe Rogan’s podcast and Michelle Obama’s podcasts, which are exclusive to Spotify, have contributed to making the best podcast for iphone in its unique position in the market.

The ability to view the video feed of these podcasts is an added attraction. An appreciated feature is the ease of accessing the chapters of a podcast episode, which improves listening efficiency and avoids complications.

Another underrated feature of Spotify is the ability to switch to a different device while listening, keeping track of playback. In addition, the option to download podcasts is available even in the free version of the app. Support for Apple’s Carplay is a further advantage, providing a versatile and convenient experience for users.

With all these functions, spotify has become the best podcast app for iphone and has been very popular due to its great functions and the big names promoting it as the best podcast app for iphone.

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