Online pregnancy test – How to do it in the best apps and websites

If you think you are expecting a baby, don’t hesitate and take an online pregnancy test. We know that the only way to know if you are pregnant or not is to take a pregnancy test, either from the pharmacy or from a doctor.

What many women still don’t know is that it’s not necessary to wait until your period is late to get tested.

Online pregnancy test – How to do it in the best apps and websites
Online pregnancy test – How to do it in the best apps and websites (Image: Internet)

Among the existing categories among these applications and websites, women’s health stands out, where it is possible to find programs for menstrual control, medication reminders, etc., including online pregnancy tests.

How to take the online pregnancy test?

This pregnancy test is completely virtual, so the results are based on the responses selected by the app user in the initially available questionnaire.


Well-known drugstore testing brands also have online pregnancy test options. To take the test, just access the company’s website and select the option “Am I pregnant? Quiz”. Then select the “Start Quiz” option and the website will automatically direct you to the quiz questions. After that, the questions need to be answered correctly so that the website review is also correct.

Pregnancy test

This app option asks a series of questions based on your pregnancy symptoms. For example: nausea, physical and emotional changes, etc. In addition, it is still possible to track the different signs of early pregnancy and information about various stages of pregnancy. In addition, users can still find some tips, advice and still have access to several articles to help during this period. To take the test online, just answer a few questions related to the first symptoms of pregnancy. Then, at the end of the test, you will see the results based on the answers you gave. The app is only available for iOS users.


Finally, Pampers also has an option on the official website for online pregnancy tests: the Pampers test. Just access this option through the Pampers website and click “Start”. The test starts after a few seconds and the problem appears on the mobile or laptop screen. That way, you just have to honestly answer the test to see the results and clear up any doubts if you’re pregnant.

The importance of online pregnancy test

Currently, many women do not go to the hospital or seek quick exams when symptoms such as delay in menstruation or nausea begin to appear, as they are only suspicious or even think as a false alarm.

For this, the application “How to know if I’m pregnant” can be used as a tool to clarify and resolve doubts, which can reduce the burden of doubt.