Weather app – How to download the app

The weather app is a system present on cell phones and an excellent tool for you to know if it is going to be hot, if it is going to be cold or if it is going to rain that day or week, being able to schedule your weekend trip to the beach or Mountain.

But with so many weather app options, it’s even difficult to know which are the best. With that in mind, a selection for Android and iOS that will help you stay connected to the weather in your city. Check the list and download the apps you like best.

Weather app – How to download the app
Weather app – How to download the app (Image: Internet)

Dark sky: Weather app

Dark Sky is an expert in weather forecasts at your fingertips. The app is available for iOS and has the ability to predict if it will rain wherever the user is, in addition to sending notifications a few minutes earlier so that you can prevent yourself.

Fizz Weather

The Fizz Weather iPhone app offers you a real weather hub on your phone. It brings weather information for the next 15 days with wind speed, visibility, humidity, radiation level, sunrise and sunset, and also forecast by maps.

Living Weather

Living Weather is an application for iOS that informs the weather forecast in your city and in the world through a very attractive interface. The program also provides the maximum and minimum temperature for each region.

Take Weather

Take Weather is an application that works as an exclusive social network for the weather forecast. With it, you can know the weather in your city through photos shared by people

The Weather Channel

When referring to meteorology, the name The Weather Channel will surely appear. The TV channel and the website of the same name are reliable sources for those looking for information about the weather. Now you can have the best weather forecast app in the palm of your hand.


Weather is an application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that provides real-time weather information based on your current location (GPS or WiFi), wherever you are in the world.

Weather Puppy

Weather Puppy is an application created to allow the user to know the weather forecast anywhere in the world with a pet layout. With it, the person can find out what the weather is like in a cute and fun way.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is an app, available for Android, iOS and the web, that provides weather forecasts based on weather data, as well as information from an exclusive community of meteorological enthusiasts.

Yahoo! Time

Yahoo! Weather is the weather forecast app for mobile devices, and it is available for free for Android and IOS. The application has an integration with Flickr and shows photos uploaded by users of the network and pre-selected by the Yahoo! team.