Sleep app – Learn how to improve your sleep

Using your cell phone before bed can be one of the causes of your sleepless nights. The light from the device falling directly on the face with the dark room makes people take longer to fall asleep. Meet the sleep app.

However, while cell phones are a problem, they can also be the solution for you to have more restful nights sleep. There are a number of apps with interesting features that promise to make this moment more relaxing.

Sleep app – Learn how to improve your sleep
Sleep app – Learn how to improve your sleep (Image: Internet)

5 Learn how to improve your sleep with Sleep app

In this article, we have chosen five of them that can be of great help to make your nights rest even more restorative.

Relax Melodies: Sleep app

With more than 50 million downloads, the Relax Melodies app brings more than a hundred options of meditation and nature sounds. The idea is that you can put them together and create a relaxing environment, as if you were on a beach or in a country house.

In addition, the app has guided meditation programs, stories for children to listen to before bed and exercises that promise to relax the mind. According to the developers, the programs were developed by experts and can help you fight insomnia and anxiety.

Sounds of Rain

Sounds of Rain is probably one of the best-known services of its kind. In its free version, the app offers different types of sounds related to water, such as rain on the window, rain on the leaves or even a storm.

In the paid version of the application, the options increase. They include calm water, rain in the tent, rain in the ocean, among others. An interesting feature is the possibility of combining more than one type of noise, perfectly emulating environments. The sounds have HD quality and the app also works offline.

Sleep as Android: Sleep app

The Sleep as Android app is a combination of several services in one place. It offers lullabies to help you fall asleep, for example. In addition, it also records the quality of your nights sleep from the sounds and movements you make during the night.

To do this, just leave your cell phone under your pillow. Another useful feature is the “smart wake up”, a kind of alarm clock that wakes you up gradually to allow you to transition from the deepest to the lightest stages of sleep in a less aggressive way.

Sleep Time

We all have a set sleep cycle, be it 6 or 8 hours. The fact is that we consider the number of hours slept from the moment we go to bed, but we don’t always fall asleep right away. What can happen as a result is you wake up feeling sleepy the next day.

Sleep Time is an app that learns your sleep cycle and sets your alarm clock to ring only when that time has been reached. If you went to bed at midnight, but fell asleep only after 1h, then it will calculate your sleep time from there, letting you sleep at ease until your sleep time is reached.

White Noise: Sleep app

White Noise is an application similar to Sons de Chuva and Relax Melodies, but the focus here is on ambient sounds of all kinds. You can combine elements and create your own soundtrack for nights of sleep, or even record familiar sounds and mix them together.

For example, there are people who like to sleep listening to the sound of water. Why not combine that sound with a soft melody and even some barking from your puppy during the night? The important thing here is to create the most suitable environment possible for you to relax.

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