SAPS Careers, Traineeships and Internships in All Provinces

The South African Police Service (SAPS) welcomes applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill their employment opportunities in South Africa.

To join SAPS Careers as a police officer, as per the details of the South African Police Service Act, you must comply with the accompanying qualification rules:

SAPS Careers, Traineeships and Internships in All Provinces
SAPS Careers, Traineeships and Internships in All Provinces (Image: Internet)
  • Be over 18 years old to 30 years old;
  • Have perpetual residency in South Africa;
  • Pass the SAPS-controlled mental assessment;
  • Not having a tattoo;
  • Must have no criminal record.

How to apply for SAPS Careers and one of the vacancies?

Only official application forms (salary grades 1-12) will be available at all SAPS offices and stations and can also be downloaded from the SAPS website. All instructions on the application form must be followed. Failure to comply may result in the application being refused. Delivery instructions and delivery reference numbers must be correctly specified on the application form.

A complete CV for SAPS Careers must be submitted with the application form and a copy of the candidate (no certification required): identification a valid driver’s license, High school/advanced education certificate, graduation/diploma certificate for all academic qualifications (study/ Qualified academic grades alone are not enough).

It is the responsibility of the candidate to obtain a foreign qualification assessed by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). In addition, people who have retired from the Public Service through a severance package, early retirement or for medical reasons, as well as people with previous convictions, are excluded.

Candidates appointed under the Police Service Act will undergo a medical evaluation by a physician determined by SAPS prescriptions.

It is the responsibility of applicants to submit applications in a timely manner to the correct physical or email address (between 7:30am and 4:00pm) as provided below (Please note that applications submitted or emailed to an incorrect physical/email address will not be considered). Applications were not considered.

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For most of these principles, you must provide SAPS with reported verification that you meet the standards.

Job vacancies at SAPS

We have selected below the job openings at SAPS that are now open in the month of March. See which best fits your professional profile:

  • Saps Police Trainee Recruitment in 2022
  • Security/Intelligence Jobs in South Africa 2022
  • Security Officer, Support Services – SAPS
  • Security Officer, Western Cape Warehouse – SAPS
  • Security, Visible Policing and Operations Officer – SAPS
  • Security Officer, Central Firearm Registry – SAPS
  • Security Officer, Northern Cape Uniform Store – SAPS
  • Security Officer, New Vehicle Store (Chamdor) – SAPS
  • Security Officer – SAPS Academy Thabong
  • Investigator, Government Fraud – SAPS
  • Investigator, Serious Banking Crimes – SAPS
  • Investigator, Tender Fraud – SAPS
  • Investigator, Wildlife Trafficking – SAPS
  • Personnel Officer, Component Head Office – SAPS
  • Sub-Section Commander, Provincial Government Investigations (Lieutenant Colonel)
  • Team Leader, National Priority Violent Crimes (Lieutenant Colonel) – SAPS
  • Team Leader, South African Counter Narcotics Agency (Lieutenant Colonel) – SAPS
  • Team Leader, Statutory and Common Offenses (Lieutenant Colonel) – SAPS