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Transnet SOC Ltd is a leading South African railway, port and pipeline company headquartered in the heart of Carlton, Johannesburg. It was incorporated as a limited liability company on April 1, 1990.

The majority of shares in the company are owned by the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) of the South African government. As guardian of ports, railways and pipelines, Transnet’s objective is to ensure a globally competitive freight system for the continued growth and diversification of the country’s econom.

TRANSNET Job Vacancies - Salaries, Online Applications and Benefits
TRANSNET Job Vacancies – Salaries, Online Applications and Benefits (Image: Internet)

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Transnet is currently transitioning from a market demand strategy characterized by accelerated capital investment to a Transnet 4.0 strategy focused on repositioning Transnet and the country’s freight system to achieve competitiveness in a rapidly changing context fueled by technologies of the Fourth Revolution.

Key growth drivers for this strategy include geographic expansion, product and service innovation and diversification, and expansion of Transnet’s manufacturing footprint.

The Transnet 4.0 strategy aims to increase Transnet’s business to 100 billion reais by 2020. The current organic growth of the transport and cargo handling sector will account for most of this growth, and Transnet will continue to focus on improving operational efficiency and reliability. to increase its market share.

As such, capital investment in the modernization of port, rail and pipeline networks and operations will continue to be a priority, as will the continued development of our people.

As a state-owned company, Transnet continues to leave an indelible mark on the lives of all South Africans, investing time and money in a variety of projects across the country through the Transnet Foundation, the corporate social investment arm of Transnet. They provide much needed relief to our community.

Transnet business units

Transnet’s business units include:

  • Transnet’s National Port Authority (NPA) and Transnet’s Port Terminals (formerly SAPO) own and operate the country’s main maritime ports;
  • Transnet Pipelines – South Africa’s leading fuel pipeline operator;
  • Transnet Cargo Rail Operator – Transnet Freight Services;
  • Engineering – Manufacturing and maintenance of rolling stock;

How to work at Transnet

Transnet is a world-leading employer with a motivated workforce of over 55,000 employees. Our workplace offers excellent opportunities to attract targeted results to suitably qualified individuals who can reach higher levels within our company.

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