Apps to measure glucose and control diabetes by cell phone

Anyone who has diabetes and needs to control their body’s glucose knows how essential it is to keep an eye on their body’s sugar levels. It was with this in mind that many cell phone users began to adhere to applications to measure glucose and control diabetes.

And there is little care when talking about diabetes. Therefore, we have selected some of the best mobile applications that help in measuring and maintaining the health of users who have a high blood sugar level and who need to carry out this measurement periodically.

Discover the best app for cell phones to measure glucose

Although there are not so many apps with this function at the moment, there are some that have been developed and others that are in the process of being developed.

Therefore, we will introduce you to apps that have already been launched and that can help you measure your blood sugar levels. Were you curious? See below:

Freestyle Libre

Years ago diabetics used a device, but specifically a sensor on the arm to measure the amount of glucose in the blood. In this sense, the sensor was sold by the company that developed the app.

However, the app emerged to make life easier for patients and measure glucose in a simpler and more comfortable way. All the patient needs to do is download the app on their cell phone to use it.

Apps to measure glucose and control diabetes by cell phone

Then, after you put the sensor on your arm, just pass the app over the sensor so that it indicates and shows the amount of sugar that is in your blood. See how simple it is? Go to your phone’s app store and download it on your Android or IOS.

Glucose Control

This application is used together with a glucometer that the patient has. If by chance you don’t have one, buy one to be able to use the app’s features correctly.

With that, you can use the app with peace of mind to be able to measure and stay safe about your blood sugar level. Now see the features of the app:

  • Blood glucose control;
  • Alarms so you don’t forget to take your medication;
  • Record your laboratory tests and/or medical examinations;
  • Feeding tips;
  • You can create a profile for a diabetic and pre-diabetic person

These are just some of the app’s features that you can use once you download and install it on your Android.


Glic is available for both iOS and Android. This application is different from the others, as it is not exactly a glucose meter for patients, it is more like an advisor. In this sense, he helps the patient with disease care schedules and routines.

Therefore, this mobile application helps in the patient’s daily life and prevents him from forgetting a procedure that he must perform on a daily basis.

Thus, with these two applications to measure glucose and control diabetes on the cell phone, it is easier to keep your health up to date, preventing the body from accumulating sugar, causing short-term damage.