African Bank Credit Card –  low rates and reward points

The African Bank Credit Card is synonymous with ease and convenience, with an application that can be done quickly and directly.

Once you qualify for the card, it will be issued to you at any bank branch in Africa. It doesn’t matter what you want to use this card for, whether for emergencies or to pay for household needs, knowing that it won’t be long before you can have your own Banco Africano credit card, it’s useful for you.

African Bank Credit Card -  low rates and reward points
African Bank Credit Card –  low rates and reward points (Image: Internet)

Although some people think that is a staple product, it is really suitable for anyone with an income.

Banco Africao grants credit based on the client’s tolerance and risk profile, which means that the client will only receive the amount of credit that they can safely pay. This allows the card to be used as a valuable budgeting tool and timely repayment can help improve a customer’s credit score.

African Bank Credit Card Benefits

Among the benefits of the African Bank Credit Card, the following stand out:

  • If the outstanding balance is paid in full before the due date, POS purchases can receive interest-free credit for up to 62 days.
  • Sending proof of purchase free of charge via SMS;
  • Accepted by thousands of merchants in South Africa and around the world;
  • Insurance against theft, theft or cloning of the African Bank Credit Card.

Main Advantages

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the African Bank Credit Card has advantages:

  • Free access to Banco Africano’s digital channels, such as the application installed on the cell phone;
  • Free access to your credit score when you need it;
  • Charging of up to 3% interest per year;
  • Access to secure online shopping;
  • Issuing the card instantly.

Disadvantages of the African Bank Credit Card

But, as not everything can be positive, the African Bank Credit Card has some disadvantages, such as:

  • Does not offer rewards program.
  • No travel insurance, plus discounts on airline tickets or hotel reservations.

In other words, if you need this credit card for your travels or when looking for points, such as miles, cashback, etc., it is not a valid option and our tip is to look for another alternative at competing banks.

How to apply for African Bank Credit Card

To apply for the African Bank Credit Card, the customer must first meet some requirements, such as:

  • Be 18 years of age or older at the time of application;
  • Prove minimum income, through the last bank statement, reflecting three salary deposits.

Once this is done, simply access the official website of the African Bank Credit Card, fill in the requested data and wait for the approval.

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Remembering that a credit analysis will be carried out to find out if there are any outstanding financial issues. If everything is OK, the African Bank Credit Card is free to use immediately as you see fit for your everyday purchases.